Tracking Devices

A GPS tracker is a very small device weighing about 50g that can monitor the whereabouts of a person, pet or vehicle anywhere in the world and records the exact position at regular intervals. You can get a target’s longitude and latitude by SMS or GPRS and check the position by Google Earth.

Some older types make you sign up with a monitoring company but now there are new models on the market that don’t make you sign. Google Earth is free.

The GPS tracker has many uses and benefits:

* It is a handy device that attaches easily underneath or inside your car so that you can locate it if it is stolen. It will alert you if the car is moved or broken into.

* It can be used for fleet management of cars or trucks if you own that type of business.

* It is also handy for children. If your child is camping or hiking with a group or organisation it would take the stress out of worrying about what would happen if the group got lost or if the weather turned unpleasant and they had to detour or turn back. If anyone in the group had an accident the exact location of the group would be conveyed on a mobile phone or the computer and help could be called immediately.

* Imagine the cost and time of hiring a Private Investigator if you suspected your partner was cheating on you. The most common type of surveillance work that a Private Investigator does is following people for this very reason. They would have to follow the suspect many times over, take photos and report all the details. This would require a lot of time and expense. With a tiny device attached to the car you could monitor the exact whereabouts of the person yourself from the privacy of your own home. You can zoom in on the picture conveyed on the computer or mobile phone and see exact details. Many tracking devices also have audio monitoring that allow you to listen to the sounds around the unit.

* It is so tiny that it can easily be attached to the collar of one of your pets. If you enjoy hunting pigs etc the device would be very useful in locating your dog. A lot of dogs when they’re hunting get so enthusiastic and focused on the chase that they end up running a lot further than they were meant to. Many times in the bush or state forests dogs are found that have become separated from their owners.

* When going out at night a woman would feel much safer with a tracking device in her handbag.

Another useful benefit of owning one is for teenagers who are borrowing the car or for when they have just started work and have to take public transport. If they leave for work early or come home when it is dark both they and their parents would feel safer with this small device on them or in their bag.

Buying a tracking device is a small investment for the amazing job that it does.