The Quiet Friendship Between My Dog and Myself

The relationship between my dog and myself is something that I have enjoyed during the past 12 years. My dog, Klink, was purchased for a nominal fee, during a time when a puppy was the last thing I needed in my life. I had two young boys who demanded my time and energy. The thought process on obtaining a puppy was strictly for them to bond with and enjoy.

I had a dog, Snowball, as a child, and have numerous memories of her being my “buddy” when I lived on the farm. Snowball was always willing to go explore the orchards, the barn, the “bald eagle” hill where sledding was the absolute best hill in the country. I figured if I could share in this bonding experience with my children, of them having a dog, it would enrich their lives, and hopefully mine also. Little did I know how attached I would become to this dog.

Klink has gone from a puppy into adulthood, and now I find she is entering her senior years. The timing has been perfect regarding Klink joining our family. At 6 months old Klink had a mishap at the vet’s office that changed her entire temperament. The once easy going puppy turned into an aggressive, mean spirited, untrusting pup. The saying of “Fleet or Fight” took on a whole new meaning when I was explained what had happened to my pup. At the vet’s advice, I was told that this pup was not to be trusted and in our best interest, she should be put down. Instead of accepting this outcome, I instead enrolled my pup in obedience classes and spent many an hour walking her, working on commands and regaining the trust that she had lost.

The months of working with her turned her into a wonderful pet. When the leash and collar were brought out, she would wiggle with anticipation of our time together. With such high energy, she was kept busy with the boys, playing in the field and hanging out where ever they were. Now the boys are older, busy with work and sports, here sits Klink and I. Our relationship has aged also. No longer is she the high energy dog that she once was,. She is slow to react to sounds, half the time not hearing anyone’s arrival until they are directly beside her. She is content to sleep her day away.

My life too, has slowed down from what it was when the boys were younger. I find I have more time to spend doing things at a pace that is not as crazy as before. My son’s dog has turned to me for security. She follows me wherever I happen to be. My latest endeavor has been to start a greenhouse and I find that I am spending hours of my free time working with my plants. At any given time, I can glance out the window and Klink is laying in the yard, always close to where I am working. I have piece of mind that my faithful dog is my protector, always beside me.

I now have time to just sit with Klink. To stretch out with her on the grass and feel the warmth on her coat as the sun beats down on her. Her front paw will raise and lower back down on my leg, just as if she were holding onto me. One simple movement of friendship and contentment is shown to me. A relationship between my dog and myself is something that I have enjoyed; Never would I have thought that the pup who was purchased for my children would turn out to be such a wonderful friend to me.