Remembering Those Who Went to Pet Heaven

Pets rarely outlive their owners and therefore we must prepare ourselves for the day they pass away. This can cause serious emotional and psychological stress for owners who have had the pet at their side for the last 15 years. Grief counselors say that the passing of a pet should be treated in a similar fashion to the passing of a human.

One way to celebrate the life and memory of your deceased pet is by constructing a memorial garden. A memorial of this sort makes a lasting tribute and provides a place where you can go from time to time to quietly remember your pet and the good times of your lives that you shared together.

Memorial gardens make a great family activity that can help kids accept the loss of a pet. By constructing something beautiful and lasting in dedication to your pets fleeting life, you can teach your kids about the non permanence of life and that that goes on for the living when someone or something dies.

A stone makes a great center piece and marker for your lost pet. It can be as simple as a shaped rock placed on the surface of the ground or as elaborate as a polished limestone urn or fountain placed semi permanently in the ground. Many people have their pets cremated and place their ashes in some sort of a rock container in the garden. The stones can be carved or an engraved metal placard can be attached to the monument. Around the monument a variety of flowers and plants can be planted to add to the beauty and tranquility of the garden.

Some people choose flat stone markers as the monument. These too can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. A simple monument can be a simple paving stone or garden path stone. More elaborate flat stones like those used for human graves are also not uncommon. For the truly elaborate memorial, a picture of your deceased pet can be carved into the stone.

Regardless of the details that you choose, a memorial garden complete with a stone marker makes a great lasting legacy to a deceased pet. Our pets share life’s sorrows and joy and are not easily forgotten. Nor should they be. Turn a sad occasion into something beautiful by constructing a lasting garden memorial. Constructing the garden yourself is a great way to go through the grieving process and gain peace with the loss.