Open Letter to US Admirals of Pacific Fleet

Quick Question for the US Admirals of the Pacific Fleet.

May I please ask; Why on Earth do you allow Chinese Products in United States Navy Commissaries on US Naval Bases? Especially when the Chinese Government told a US Aircraft Carrier that it could not enter a Taiwan Harbor to dock of US Navy personnel to take leave? The other day during the Holidays, I was with my folks and we stopped in at the Navy Exchange and Commissary to get some good deals on some food, I saw all sorts of products, all made in China.

This is unacceptable as China, has sponsored hackers to infiltrate our US Military IT Systems and China has sold weapons to Iran. China shot down a satellite putting Space Debris into orbit, jeopardizing US Military Communications. China is also known to have no less than 6,000 spies in the US presently, stealing technological secrets from both the private and public sectors, that includes the US Military.

Now, please realize that I am no lightweight when it comes to international affairs and yes, I understand the game and how it is played at all levels and why the US needs good relations with China. But, too I do remember some poisonous pet food, tooth paste and fish food protein coming into our nation and we all know about the lead based paint in our toys that are imported.

It appears to me that at bare minimum the US Military can refuse to sell Chinese Products in the US Military Commissaries. Our nation’s consumers do enough to support the Chinese Military by the products they are already buying. Allowing Chinese Products to be sold in the US Navy Base Commissaries is a spit in the face to our service men and women and their families. I am appalled and disgusted.

Sincerely, Lance