Tracking Devices

A GPS tracker is a very small device weighing about 50g that can monitor the whereabouts of a person, pet or vehicle anywhere in the world and records the exact position at regular intervals. You can get a target’s longitude and latitude by SMS or GPRS and check the position by Google Earth.

Some older types make you sign up with a monitoring company but now there are new models on the market that don’t make you sign. Google Earth is free.

The GPS tracker has many uses and benefits:

* It is a handy device that attaches easily underneath or inside your car so that you can locate it if it is stolen. It will alert you if the car is moved or broken into.

* It can be used for fleet management of cars or trucks if you own that type of business.

* It is also handy for children. If your child is camping or hiking with a group or organisation it would take the stress out of worrying about what would happen if the group got lost or if the weather turned unpleasant and they had to detour or turn back. If anyone in the group had an accident the exact location of the group would be conveyed on a mobile phone or the computer and help could be called immediately.

* Imagine the cost and time of hiring a Private Investigator if you suspected your partner was cheating on you. The most common type of surveillance work that a Private Investigator does is following people for this very reason. They would have to follow the suspect many times over, take photos and report all the details. This would require a lot of time and expense. With a tiny device attached to the car you could monitor the exact whereabouts of the person yourself from the privacy of your own home. You can zoom in on the picture conveyed on the computer or mobile phone and see exact details. Many tracking devices also have audio monitoring that allow you to listen to the sounds around the unit.

* It is so tiny that it can easily be attached to the collar of one of your pets. If you enjoy hunting pigs etc the device would be very useful in locating your dog. A lot of dogs when they’re hunting get so enthusiastic and focused on the chase that they end up running a lot further than they were meant to. Many times in the bush or state forests dogs are found that have become separated from their owners.

* When going out at night a woman would feel much safer with a tracking device in her handbag.

Another useful benefit of owning one is for teenagers who are borrowing the car or for when they have just started work and have to take public transport. If they leave for work early or come home when it is dark both they and their parents would feel safer with this small device on them or in their bag.

Buying a tracking device is a small investment for the amazing job that it does.

Open Letter to US Admirals of Pacific Fleet

Quick Question for the US Admirals of the Pacific Fleet.

May I please ask; Why on Earth do you allow Chinese Products in United States Navy Commissaries on US Naval Bases? Especially when the Chinese Government told a US Aircraft Carrier that it could not enter a Taiwan Harbor to dock of US Navy personnel to take leave? The other day during the Holidays, I was with my folks and we stopped in at the Navy Exchange and Commissary to get some good deals on some food, I saw all sorts of products, all made in China.

This is unacceptable as China, has sponsored hackers to infiltrate our US Military IT Systems and China has sold weapons to Iran. China shot down a satellite putting Space Debris into orbit, jeopardizing US Military Communications. China is also known to have no less than 6,000 spies in the US presently, stealing technological secrets from both the private and public sectors, that includes the US Military.

Now, please realize that I am no lightweight when it comes to international affairs and yes, I understand the game and how it is played at all levels and why the US needs good relations with China. But, too I do remember some poisonous pet food, tooth paste and fish food protein coming into our nation and we all know about the lead based paint in our toys that are imported.

It appears to me that at bare minimum the US Military can refuse to sell Chinese Products in the US Military Commissaries. Our nation’s consumers do enough to support the Chinese Military by the products they are already buying. Allowing Chinese Products to be sold in the US Navy Base Commissaries is a spit in the face to our service men and women and their families. I am appalled and disgusted.

Sincerely, Lance

Remembering Those Who Went to Pet Heaven

Pets rarely outlive their owners and therefore we must prepare ourselves for the day they pass away. This can cause serious emotional and psychological stress for owners who have had the pet at their side for the last 15 years. Grief counselors say that the passing of a pet should be treated in a similar fashion to the passing of a human.

One way to celebrate the life and memory of your deceased pet is by constructing a memorial garden. A memorial of this sort makes a lasting tribute and provides a place where you can go from time to time to quietly remember your pet and the good times of your lives that you shared together.

Memorial gardens make a great family activity that can help kids accept the loss of a pet. By constructing something beautiful and lasting in dedication to your pets fleeting life, you can teach your kids about the non permanence of life and that that goes on for the living when someone or something dies.

A stone makes a great center piece and marker for your lost pet. It can be as simple as a shaped rock placed on the surface of the ground or as elaborate as a polished limestone urn or fountain placed semi permanently in the ground. Many people have their pets cremated and place their ashes in some sort of a rock container in the garden. The stones can be carved or an engraved metal placard can be attached to the monument. Around the monument a variety of flowers and plants can be planted to add to the beauty and tranquility of the garden.

Some people choose flat stone markers as the monument. These too can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. A simple monument can be a simple paving stone or garden path stone. More elaborate flat stones like those used for human graves are also not uncommon. For the truly elaborate memorial, a picture of your deceased pet can be carved into the stone.

Regardless of the details that you choose, a memorial garden complete with a stone marker makes a great lasting legacy to a deceased pet. Our pets share life’s sorrows and joy and are not easily forgotten. Nor should they be. Turn a sad occasion into something beautiful by constructing a lasting garden memorial. Constructing the garden yourself is a great way to go through the grieving process and gain peace with the loss.

Music Review of Fleet Foxes’ Self-Titled Debut Album

“Fleet Foxes” are a five-piece Seattle based indie band. Their genres include indie folk, folk rock, baroque pop, indie rock and indie pop. Fleet Foxes consist of Robin Pecknold (Vocal and Guitar), Skye Skjelset (Lead Guitar), Jay Tillman (Drums), Casey Wescott (Keyboard and Bass) and Christian Wargo (Bass and Keyboard). According to The Independent, Fleet Foxes described their music as “Baroque harmonic pop jams”. Before the release of their self-titled album, Fleet Foxes have released two EPs, “Fleet Foxes EP” in 2006 and “Sun Giant” in February 2008, and both EPs received positive reviews and praise.

Fleet Foxes somehow remind me of Okkervil River. I don’t know why. The whole journey of Fleet Foxes is like having fun and singing in a church. It has those that make you sing in church, with hands holding hands. And those which make you nod your head along too. Nice to have when in church, harmony will come when you have Fleet Foxes with you.

Fleet Foxes will keep your heart at peace with “Sun It Rises”. With some steady guitar and drum playing. It wouldn’t need long before you find yourself liking this song. From the lyrics where Robin went “Red squirrel in the morning, red squirrel in the evening, red squirrel in the morning, i’m comin’ to take you home, the sun rises over my head, in the morning, with the hold me, dear, into the night, sun, it will rise, soon enough…” I don’t really know what it meants, but one thing’s for sure. You’ll feel comfortable with this song. Simple lyrics, but with deep meaning.

“White Winter Hymnal” is really good I have to say. From start to finish, it has got me going. It’s like when you have an ice-cream, you would end up asking for more. This was what happened to me when I listened to this song. I got to say, White Winter Hymnal is really awesome! Robin made this song sounds so easy, but so good! I can feel Fleet Foxes’ harmony in this song. The vocal and the music were just too great to handle. Especially the “woo hoo hoo woo hoo hoo”. Unbelievable!

“Ragged Wood” comes in as the third track off the album. It is the longest song on the album and one of the crunchiest on the album. Somewhat again, reminding of Okkervil River. While Robin sings, you can hear the rest of the Fleet Foxes joined in and had their fun as well. They provide beautiful and harmonized back-up vocals, which nowadays, is one of the secret ingredients of any successful indie bands and artists. With some amazing guitar pluckings at the end, you can’t miss this song.

Fleet Foxes continues with “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”, which is a beautiful ballad and showcased Robin’s vocal. Robin sang, “Wanderers this morning came by, where did they go, graceful in the morning light, to banner fair, to follow you softly, in the cold mountain air”. I can’t tell what it means from the lyrics but I can feel the sadness in this song. Fleet Foxes sure do know how to take care of your emotions.

“Quiet Houses” had a very good music playing to it. I was amazed the moment the music started, steady drum beats and beautiful acoustic guitar accompanied by what sounded like a door-pounding sound. It’s just so simple, but this song is really good. Check out the music! Oh ya, I think Fleet Foxes are singing about ahem… The lyrics goes like this, “Lay me down, lay me down… Don’t give in, don’t give in… Oooh… Come to me…” Happy and cheerful track with some really catchy hooks!

“He Doesn’t Know Why” started with Fleet Foxes beautiful and harmonized moans. This song has a few pick up points. Whenever Robin finished singing a verse, he had to catch his breath and build up his lungs and sing a new verse again. It’s such a hard song to sing if you were to try. Robin tried to make it as effortless as possible. At the end where Robin went, “There’s nothing I can do, there’s nothing I can say…”, it was the climax of this song and it was followed by a 30 seconds beautiful piano playing.

In “Heard Them Stirring”, you can hear Robin’s moans at the beginning, and slowly the rest of Fleet Foxes joined in, creating a beautiful platform for harmonized hummings and moans. They went, “woo hooo hoo..” And more! As if a group of choir were singing with Fleet Foxes. A beautiful one by Fleet Foxes. They were the music in Heard Them Stirring.

Wow, “Your Protector” is like some heroic anthem for a warrior. Interesting track by Fleet Foxes. There were some flute playing in this track, bringing a new instrument to Fleet Foxes’s music. 🙂 The chorus was somewhat good and strong, I can feel it when Robin yell, “As you lay to die beside me baby, I’m the one in the shootin’ game, would you wait for me, the other one, would you wait for me…” With Your Protector, I can see that Robin is trying to tell us a story, I might not understand it. But with the music and the endless harmonized moans and hums, I can’t ask for more.

“Meadowlarks” is another beautiful acoustic ballad about meadowlark. If I were right, I think Robin is singing about his pet, a meadowlark. I just love the way Fleet Foxes hum to this song. It was just way too beautiful!

“Blue Ridge Mountains” started off really slow, but still managed to finish on a high note. There was a very unique instrument in this track, it sounded like some Chinese or Japanese instrument, which made Blue Ridge Mountains so good to the ears. Piano can also be heard in the background as Robin sang on. “In the quivering forest, where the shivering dog rests, our good grandfather, built a wooden nest, and the river got frozen, and the home got snowed in, and the yellow moon glowed bright, till the morning light” Brilliant stuff here.

The last track on Fleet Foxes’ debut is a beautiful acoustic track called “Oliver James”. At times when I listened to this song, I just wanted to sing along. The fact that this song is very easy to sing along to, it such a mesmerizing track. Only Robin’s voice and some guitars can be heard. Even if the guitar is not present, I have no doubts that this will be a big track as well. Just lovely. A peaceful way to end the album.

Rating: Wow, every song on Fleet Foxes’ debut has its own uniqueness and specialty. I enjoyed this album thoroughly. The instrumentals on Fleet Foxes were pure genius, I can’t help but listening to them all the time with my ipod. Fleet Foxes also tried to add some varieties to their music through using different types of instruments, which to me, they really did a fine great job. Nothing to argue about, there might be some flaws in between the album or some short boring moments on Fleet Foxes, but it’s still worth to spend your time with Fleet Foxes. 7.5 out of 10, I have to say. Cheers!

Stand-Out Tracks (My Picks): White Winter Hymnal, Ragged Wood, Quiet Houses, Meadowlarks, Blue Ridge Mountains.